/ Production

Alcogroup’s production business unit specialises in the sourcing and production of ethanol for multiple food, industrial and fuel applications. To guarantee continuity of supply and our flexibility in responding to changing market conditions, we maintain substantial stocks at all times, with stock partly produced within our own industrial units, partly sourced from outside.


But ethanol is never just ethanol; whether a low grade for heating, a higher grade for pharmaceutical antiseptic products, or the finest, purest grade needed for a truly outstanding brand of vodka. It could be a steady supply of anhydrous fermentation grades for use in biofuels you need, or a denatured blend specifically suited to the production of a world-famous fragrance. Or you may want us to provide specific assurances with regard to the product and its handling for a range of kosher gourmet pickles. In every case, anticipating diverse needs is what we do best.


Adding to an extensive choice of grades, we take customisation a step further, by blending and conditioning ethanol products to your specification. With decades of experience and our in-depth understanding of national and sector-specific regulations and requirements, we can produce and deliver the exact ethanol product you need.


Our main production units are:



  • AlcoBioFuel -a biorefinery located in the Port of Ghent, with an annual production capacity of 240 million litres fuel ethanol, 180.000 tons of DDGS and protein rich wet by-products, 12 MW of electricity and 100000 MT of liquid CO2 for soft drinks, food packaging and industrial applications (JV GreenCO2).
  • Alco Energy Rotterdam – one of the largest European Biorefinery with an annual production capacity of 480 million litres ethanol for fuel use, 360.000 tons of DDGS (Dried Distilled Grain with Solubles, high protein feed products), 48 MW of electricity and 300.000 MT of CO2 for greenhouses.
  • NCP Alcohol, Durban, South Africa – a distillery dating back 150 years, and a leading supplier of high-quality fermentation alcohol in Southern Africa.
  • Omnicane Bioethanol distillery– the only major producer of ethanol from the distillation of molasses in Mauritius.
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