/ Sustainability Chart

Alcogroup Sustainability Chart

The Alcogroup Sustainable Values as expressed in this Chart are elementary to the business conduct of the Alcogroup and its affiliated companies. As we seek a high standard of performance within the environments we operate, living by these values is vital to our continued success. Alcogroup shall continuously seek to encourage its external stakeholders to live by the same standards.

Human Rights

  • Alcogroup recognises and respects the internationally identified Human Rights Rules in line with the legitimate role of business.
  • Breaching these fundamental Human Rights is unacceptable.

Environmental Values

  • Alcogroup recognises the general environmental impact of human development on the planet.¬†We engage ourselves in initiatives in favour of responsible environmental practices.
  • We want to integrate sustainable development in all our activities as we appreciate this is part of our long-term business growth strategy.
  • We want to develop the sustainable production and use of renewable energies.
  • Providing full relevant information to legitimately interested parties regarding the sustainable way our products are produced is a key driver, subject to any overriding considerations of business confidentiality.

Labour Rules

  • Alcogroup emphasises respect for an open dialogue with our employees to promote the best use of their talents to develop our business.
  • All our employees are treated impartially and without discrimination.
  • We are strongly opposed to any form of forced labour.
  • We fully support the abolition of child labour.

Stakeholder Respect

  • We want to develop sustainable solutions with all our stakeholders.
  • In the social environments where Alcogroup is present we want to develop economic activity generating sustainable employment, whilst improving the livelihoods of local communities.
  • Any active or passive form of bribery is unacceptable.
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