Climate change forces every entrepreneur to show vision, courage and innovation: think ahead strategically, seek new applications and invest in the latest technologies. As a European pioneer in bio-ethanol we do this either stand-alone or in cooperation with universities, other companies and projects on circularity. Our story

Alco's climate plan

Alco’s ambition is to be the 1st European bio-ethanol producer that will be operating in a fully climate-neutral way. To get there we designed a Climate Plan.

What does the Plan contain?

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Our Activity

With headquarters in Brussels and operations on several continents, Alco is one of the biggest producers and distributors of ethanol for fuel in Europe. Globally we provide ethanol to various industries: from cosmetics to pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, food and beverage.

Our Products

Consumers, farmers or horticulturists, many consumers around the world use daily our high-quality products: ethanol for fuel and industry, green CO2, enriched protein, corn oil, electricity. Providing agile solutions, Alco contributes to a more sustainable way of living.

Sustainable living

Environmental footprint is strictly linked to what occupies us every day. For 30 years, we kept exploring, developing and applying new methods and knowledge in our sector. This pioneering spirit is part of our identity and will drive us for at least another 30 years.

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ALCO’S world