Our products

Ethanol for fuel

Bio ethanol, a clean-burning fuel and octane booster produced from renewable sources (corn, beet or wheat), or from waste (alcohol from zero% beer) is one of ALCO’s strongest areas of expertise. In Europe we provide ethanol produced with a net greenhouse gas saving compared to petrol of more than 90%.

Ethanol for food and industry

Whether we talk about food (vinegar, flavours), beverages (gin, vodka,…) or industrial use (chemicals, solvents, anti-freeze, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals,…) we supply, worldwide, a broad range of high-quality alcohol grades.


In our process of bioethanol production biogenic (green), CO2 is produced during the fermentation of sugars. By capturing the CO2 and selling it to the beverage, food, dry ice and horticulture sectors, we can replace CO2 from fossil sources and improve the carbon footprint of our main product: ethanol.


Beside ethanol, we produce equivalent tonnage of high-protein animal feed: DDGS (Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles). It replaces imports of genetically modified soya from North and South America. Furthermore, there is no more starch or sugar in DDGS, which therefore reduces emissions of methane gas from ruminants.


Corn oil

In our process, we extract part of the oil contained in the corn. It is a highly useful product that can be used as food or feed ingredient but also as biodiesel.


We have installed gas turbines in order to combine the production of steam, needed in the process for cooking and distillation, and electricity, which we partly use ourselves, and partly reinject on the public network. By doing so, instead of using separate sources of electricity and heat, we reduce our natural gas consumption by 30%.